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[SUPPORT] - General Frequently Asked Questions

1). Why is it important to provide a valid email address when registering on this website, as well as when purchasing from one of our resellers?


Since our products are shipped via email, if you did not provide our resellers and/or CFXWorks with a valid email address, we will have no way of shipping you your order. If you happened to have used a bogus email account when registering or purchasing please contact CFXWorks at and provide us with the name of the reseller, the date of your purchase and the name of the product you ordered.

2). Why do demos have expiration dates?
Demos have expiration dates to protect our intellectual property rights.
3). I've lost my licensed copy of the product, what do I do?

As a part of our new policy, we are keeping copies of all product builds (demo and production) for 30 days. After thirty days we remove them from our web servers. However, we do continue to keep backup copies of the production builds offline. If you have purchased a production product prior to the last thirty days and still need to download a copy of your product please contact us at To further assist you, we will need the following information:

  • Date of purchase

  • Name of product purchased

  • Your company name

  • Name of person that originally purchased product.

  • Your contact information (email and phone number)

Once you provide us with the above information we will gladly review our records and place a copy of your tag back on our server for an additional 30 days. After the additional 30 days, we will once again remove the product from our web servers.

4). I purchased a production product or downloaded a demo tag in last thirty days and need to download it, what do I do?

If you have purchased a production product or downloaded a demo tag in last thirty days and need to download it try the following:

  • Return to and enter your username and password for the website.

  • Once, you are logged in navigate to [Review my Downloads]. This should be at the bottom of the first page you are directed to after logging in successfully. However, you can always find this link by going to the "Support" tab at the top of the page, then clicking on "My Downloads".

  • Once the search screen appears, select or enter search criteria for the order that you are seeking. For, example you could leave all search criteria blank and get a complete listing of all your downloaded tags.

  • Click on the "Show History" button.

  • This should bring up all of your tags.

  • If you look closely, you will see for each order placed there is a row. At the end of this row you will see a reference to the download. Clicking on this will begin the download process for the associated tag that is to the left.

  • It is probably worth noting that the password that you used to login to the CFXWorks-Coldfusion website is the same password that you will use to unzip the downloaded tag.

5). Demo copy had an expiration date. How do I obtain a copy with no expiration date.
You purchase a licensed copy of the product.
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