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  1. What is CFX_HEX?
  2. Why Use CFX_HEX?
  3. How difficult is CFX_HEX to install?
  4. How difficult is CFX_HEX to use?
  5. What support is offered for CFX_HEX?

1). What is CFX_HEX?

CFX_HEX is a ColdFusion CFX tag, written in C++, that can be used to create a HEX display of a ColdFusion variable or of a file.

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2). Why Use CFX_HEX?

  • Easy to Install and Use - To install the <CFX_HEX> tag simply copy it to the \Cfusion\CFX directory and register it using the ColdFusion Administrator. Complete installation instructions are provided in the Installation and User Guide. A sample ColdFusion program is provided that demonstrates use of the tag.
  • Save Time - Have you ever spent hours trying to debug a program just to find out that the data you were working with was different than you expected? Perhaps the data contained unprintable characters, or contained characters that were translated by ColdFusion. Once you see the exact contents of the data, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the programming process.
  • Cost Effective - Its free!

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3). How difficult is CFX_HEX to install?

The CFX_HEX Installation and User Guide provides specific instructions for installing the tag. The product and documentation is distributed as a zip file. Installation is completed by unzipping this file, copying the tag's executable to the \CFUSION\CFX directory, and then registering the tag as required by ColdFusion. The entire process should require only a few minutes.

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4). How difficult is CFX_HEX to use?
Here is what the code looks like to run a credit card transaction:

In the above example the contents of the ColdFusion variable #response# is displayed as a HEX dump in the output file "c:\test\fileout".

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5). What support is offered for CFX_HEX?

Support is provided for CFX_HEX via the CFXWorks web site: Navigate to the Free Tags tab. Once this expands, you will see another tab labeled "General Questions". Clicking on this will give you access to our question and answer section. Also, we will attempt to respond to emails addressed to

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