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CryptoXpressTM CF (ColdFusion Custom Tag)

CryptoXpress CF is a ColdFusion custom tag that encrypts and decrypts data using the AES or TripleDES (3DES) algorithm. AES and TripleDES both qualify as "strong encryption" as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The tag can be used to custom develop solutions that require the ability to encrypt/decrypt or digest files or data. Digesting data results in the creation of a message digest sometimes called a digital signature.

Compatibility Mode:
For many years CWorks sold C++ implementations of encryption and message digest solutions for ColdFusion. This included CFX_ENCRYPT_AES128 (128-bit), CFX_ENCRYPT_AES256 (256-bit), and CFX_MD5 tag. We have replace these tags with out lastest version called CryptoXpress CF, which supports most of the modes of operation supported by the original encryption tags including AES128/ECB, AES256/ECD, AES128/CBC and AES256/CBC. The digest results of this new tag are compatible with the original CFX_MD5 tag.
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