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[CRYPTOGRAPHY] - CryptoXpress CF and 64-bit Operation Systems

Our CFX_ENCRYPT_AES 128 and CFX_ENCRYPT_AES 256 were written in the C programming language and compiled as 32-bit Windows' DLLs. These tags were originally authored in the 2001 timeframe. Since then there have been two significant changes that will impact some users of these tags.

  • Microsoft chose not to support 32-bit DLLs on their 64-bit operating systems. Therefore, our 32-bit tags, CFX_ENCRYPT_AES 128 and CFX_ENCRYPT_AES 256, will not work on 64-bit Microsoft operating systems.

  • The original AES standard and test vectors published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for AES encryption did not specifically address several issues relative to how keys and initialization vectors should be handled. This left room for interpretation that have and will caused cross platform and cross language incompatibilities. For example the inability to decrypt data encrypted on a different platform or encrypted using a different language.

CFXWorks does offer a new solution to both of the above issues called CryptoXpress CF. We offer to licensed users of our older 32-bit encryption tags a free upgrade to our Java encryption tag CryptoXpress CF. This tag will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Most of our users have already elected to upgrade to this new tag.

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