CFXWorks-Coldfusion: Encryption, Secure Messaging and Credit Card Processing
Overview of CFX_NOVA_JAVA ?
Why is CFX_NOVA_JAVA better?

Programmer's that need to process payment card transactions as a part of an e-commerce solution can use CFX_NOVA_JAVA to communicate directly with Elavon's merchant services, to perform direct, secure payment card transactions via the Internet. Elavon has built redundancy into every processing system across their enterprise�a policy that�s earned them a Number 1 rating for reliability and availability by Mastercard®.


The CFX_NOVA_JAVA tag uses HTTPS to encrypt data flowing between the ColdFusion server and Elavon's server. This encryption level is 128-bit strong, regardless of the user's browser. This connection is managed by the tag and requires no SSL programming skills or special efforts by the ColdFusion programmer. HTTPS is an industry standard security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. This protocol allows client/server applications to communicate in a way that is designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery.

Top 5 reasons a merchant would use CFX_NOVA_JAVA:
  • Lower transaction processing fees.
  • Improved security using a compiled tag and 128-bit encryption.
  • Support for all Elavon e-Commerce supported transaction types for credit, debut and purchase cards.
  • Absolute control of credit card processing needs by eliminating 3rd party gateway servers.
  • Save transaction data securely in your own database using the encryption capabilities built into the tag.
How CFX_NOVA_JAVA differs from other credit card processing tags:
  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA improves merchant control by connecting directly with Elavon's credit card processing servers.
  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA provides sample code to ease installation and customization.
  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA reduces cost, reduces overhead and improves security and performance.
  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA provides front-end validation of all credit card processing parameters based on Elavon's validation rules reducing processing fees for invalid transactions.
  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA has built-in encryption and message digest capabilities.
CFX_NOVA_JAVA is a ColdFusion CFX tag that supports the following features:
  • Cut out the middleman and deal directly with Elavon, one of the largest credit card processors in the world. Save money and eliminate third-party gateway servers.
  • Secure your transactions by communicating directly with Elavon's credit card processing servers using 128-bit encryption technology.
  • Take direct control of you credit card processing needs. Eliminate third-party gateway servers, a point of failure and transaction overhead in the processing network. Eliminate third-party security introduced vulnerabilities.
  • Support for over 28 transaction types provided by Elavon including SALE, PRE-AUTORIZATION, FORCE, CREDIT, VOID (with and without AVS and/or CVV2).
  • Support for Elavon's administrative transactions including CURRENT and PREVIOUS BATCH, PURGE and SETTLEMENT.
  • Support for stripe transactions that are submitted using a magnetic stripe reader.
  • Support for Elavon's test and production servers, thus allowing programmers to fully test their solutions before processing live transactions.
  • Over 20 sample CF programs that demonstrate how to process each transaction type.
  • Validation of credit card numbers using the Luhn formula (Mod 10).
  • Validation of all credit card processing parameters using Elavon's validation rules to prevent sending syntactically incorrect data to Elavon and incurring processing fees for these transactions.

The following example demonstrates the use of the tag to establish a HTTPS connection to the Elavon credit card processing server to process the sale.


In the above example, the tag is used to establish a HTTPS connection to the Elavon network and process a product sale.


CFX_NOVA_JAVA is licensed to specific Elavon terminalID's. A single copy of the tag can support multiple terminalID's.

  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA: $50.00 (Licensed per Elavon terminalID)

Our CFX_NOVA_JAVA Credit Card Process Tag is available in demo and production versions. The demo copy can be downloaded directly from our website. For security reasons, we custom build the production versions of all our CFX_NOVA_JAVA tags. Every demo tag is full functional, but limited to accessing Elavon test server. Elavon has specific requirements relative to allowing access to their servers. Here are the particulars:

Demonstration Copy: Licensed Copy:
Full function Full function
Can access Elavon's test server. Can access Elavon's production servers.
Does not require a Elavon merchant account Requires a Elavon merchant account
Requires user to use test Terminal ID (TID)* Requires a Terminal ID (TID) assigned by Elavon
Requires user to use a test bank number (BIN)* Requires a bank number (BIN) assigned by Nova
Download from CFXWorks Order from one of our reseller's web site.
N/A Requires CFXWorks to custom build the production copy of this tag. Please contact CFXWorks immediately when you purchase this tag.
* Provided by CFXWorks
Supports multiple terminal IDs. Priced on a per terminalID basis. X
Windows, MAC, Linux & UNIX X
Market Segment I (e-Commerce) X
Market Segment R (Retail) X
Targets Coldfusion and BlueDragon users X
Supports Sale, PreAuth, Credit, Void, Force, Current, Previous, Purge & Settlement, P Card sale & Credit X
Also supports Debit Card Sale & Credit X
Supports AVS and CVV2 X
Provides 128-bit encryption capability X
Provides MD5 message digest X
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