CFXWorks-Coldfusion: Encryption, Secure Messaging and Credit Card Processing
Overview of CFX_AIM_JAVA ?
What is CFX_AIM_JAVA ?
Why is CFX_AIM_JAVA better?

The key advantage of AIM over other alternatives offered by Authorize.Net, for example SIM, is that it encrypts all data flowing to and from the Authorize.Net gateway using secure sockets (SSL). It also creates a digital signature for the response message that can be used to validate the integrity of data received from Authorize.Net. SIM sends data to and from Autherize.Net in clear text.


Authorize.Net recommends the use of the AIM method over SIM because this method offers the merchant a high degree of security and control because transaction data is submitted to the gateway over a secure server-to-server connection that is initiated by the merchant server. Since the merchant server will receive a response directly from the Authorize.Net gateway, the merchant has more control over the response to the end customer.


For a specific description of exactly what CFX_AIM_JAVA will do, please review the CFX_AIM_JAVA Installation and User Guide and read Section 2.4 of this document. You can find a link to this document at the bottom of this page. Also, the installation and user guide is included in the demo download of this product.

Here is what the code looks like to run a credit card transaction:

The CFX_AIM_JAVA tag returns Authorize.Net's response in a ColdFusion variable. It even parses the response, extracting key fields, and returns these fields in ColdFusion variables.

For a limited time, CFX_AIM_JAVA is FREE for Merchants that register CFXWorks as their Affiliate Reseller with Authorize.Net. CFXWorks' Affiliate Reseller account number is 6199. Click the button below to register today!
If you want to use the CFX_AIM_JAVA tag but already have an existing Authorize.Net merchant account not registered to CFXWorks, you must close your existing account and register a new one using the “Sign up Now” link below to register CFXWorks as your Affiliate Reseller under account number is 6199.

Before using this product, please make sure you review and understand the product requirements for CFX_AIM_JAVA .

Authorize.Net Online Merchant Application

Our CFX_AIM_JAVA Credit Card Process Tag is available in demo and production versions. The demo copy can be downloaded directly from our website. For security reasons, we custom build the production versions of all our CFX_AIM tags. Every demo tag is full functional, but limited to accessing Authorize.Net's test server. Authorize.Net has specific requirements relative to allowing access to their servers. Here are the particulars:

Demonstration Copy: Licensed Copy:
Full function Full function
Can access the Authorize.Net test server. Can access Authorize Net's test and production servers.
Does not require an Authorize.Net AIM merchant account Requires an Authorize.Net AIM merchant account
Requires a "test" or "production" login name (X_LOGIN) provided by Authorize.Net Requires a "production" login name (X_LOGIN) provided by Authorize.Net
Requires either a password (X_PASSWORD) or a transaction key (X_TRAN_KEY) provided by Authorize.Net or defined by the merchant. Requires either a password (X_PASSWORD) or a transaction key (X_TRAN_KEY) provided by Authorize.Net or defined by the merchant.
May require an MD5 value (X_MD5_VALUE) if the merchant has assigned an MD5 hash security code to the account. May require an MD5 value (X_MD5_VALUE) if the merchant has assigned an MD5 hash security code to the account.
  Order from one of our reseller's web site.
  Requires CFXWorks to custom build the production copy of this tag. Please contact CFXWorks immediately when you purchase this tag.
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  • CFX_AIM_JAVA Product Requirements
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