CFXWorks-Coldfusion: Encryption, Secure Messaging and Credit Card Processing
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Our latest version of the CFX_NOVA ColdFusion custom tag is called CFX_NOVA_JAVA. A no charge upgrade from CFX_NOVA to CFX_NOVA_JAVA is available to licensed users of the product.


Programming credit card transactions can be a rather difficult and time consuming proposition. This tag simplifies the programming tasks by providing many coding examples, as well as lots of documentation.


CFX_NOVA_JAVA eliminates third party gateways, a source of performance and security problems. It also eliminates the ability for the third party gateway providers to charge you add-on transaction fees. With this tag you have absolute control over your credit card processing relationship. No middlemen, no Merchant Service Provider! With this tag you negotiate your credit card processing relationship directly with Elavon (formerly NOVA Information Systems).

  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA is written in Java. Therefore, it can run on any platform executing Coldfusion, including Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX platforms.

  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA has been tested with Coldfusion and BlueDragon.

  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA can support multiple Terminal ID's

  • CFX_NOVA_JAVA has enbedded 128-bit AES "Strong" encryption that can be used to encrypt sensitive credit card information.

Our CFX_NOVA_JAVA credit card processing tag is available in a demo and production version. Every demo tag is full functional, but limited to accessing Elavon test server. The developer does not need an Elavon account to use the demo version of the tag. This allows the merchant and developer to experiment with the tag prior to purchasing a production copy of the tag. For security reasons, we custom build the production versions of all our CFX_NOVA_JAVA tags.


The following table describes many of the differences between the demo and production version of CFX_NOVA_JAVA.

Demonstration Copy: Licensed Copy:
Full function Full function
Can access Elavon's test server. Can access Elavon's production servers.
Does not require a Elavon merchant account Requires a Elavon merchant account
Requires user to use test Terminal ID (TID)* Requires a Terminal ID (TID) assigned by Elavon
Requires user to use a test bank number (BIN)* Requires a bank number (BIN) assigned by Nova
Download from CFXWorks Order from one of our reseller's web site.
N/A Requires CFXWorks to custom build the production copy of this tag. Please contact CFXWorks immediately when you purchase this tag.
* Provided by CFXWorks
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