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[CC PROCESSING] - CFX_NOVA_JAVA and 64-bit Operating Systems
Our original CFX_NOVA tag was written in the C programming language and compiled as a 32-bit Windows DLL. This tag was originally authored in the 2001 timeframe. When Microsoft began releasing 64-bit versions of their operating systems, they chose not to support 32-bit DLLs on these new systems. Therefore, our 32-bit CFX_NOVA tag, will not work on 64-bit Microsoft operating systems.
CFXWorks offers a solution to the 64-bit Microsoft issue. We offer to licensed users of our older 32-bit CFX_NOVA tag, a free upgrade to our Java version of this tag called CFX_NOVA_JAVA. This tag will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Most of our users have already elected to upgrade to this new tag.
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