CFXWorks-Coldfusion: Encryption, Secure Messaging and Credit Card Processing
[CORPORATE INFORMATION] - Resellers is a commercial software e-vendor that sells custom tags and components to ColdFusion developers. CFXtras empowers developers with the ability to provide proven functionality within their own applications, intranets and websites. Think of it as an online vending machine for your custom tags. You walk up, pick what you like, put in your cash and download the software. You can read ratings and reviews from other developers who bought before you. All the documentation and instructions are at CFXtra's Web site, and you can compare between various products, allowing you to pick the best piece of software to fit your needs., enables developers to quickly find the software they are looking for, help them make purchasing decisions about software and provide a location to make the purchase.

Contact Information:
Benjamin Wilson
CFXtras, LLC
Charlotte, NC
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